On Separation

by David Wimbish

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Each song on On Separation deals with different aspects of disconnection, whether it be marital divorce experienced by my friends lately, or self-imposed loss of close friendships from the past.

After working on trying to make highly produced recordings with my band, the Collection, I wanted to use this album as a "return to roots", so to speak, with a bit more "homemade" sounding recordings. My house is loud, and at times the TV made it through the walls, or someone slamming the door, or washing dishes. It felt right to let these honest journeys be accompanied by the real sounds of living with three other people.

I have a tendency to add more instruments than necessary to most songs I create, but I wanted this EP to focus more on songwriting and vocal performance, so I tried to limit myself to just Vocals, Guitar, and Strings. There are, obviously, a few songs where more than those instruments crept in. But even when you hear percussion or bass, it is probably just a cello being slapped.

These songs are some of the most personal I have written, and I'm honored to get to share them with you. Thanks for taking the time to listen, and I hope that you enjoy them!


David Wimbish


released June 30, 2015

All songs written, performed, and mixed by David Wimbish.

Album photo by Whitney Keller.



all rights reserved


David Wimbish Greensboro, North Carolina


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Track Name: Lost and Found
Someday, I will find myself again
all my branches have died, it seems, to the winter's wind
I need the spring to come and pierce the clouds, remind the sun of why it used to love this land

Have I got scales on my eyes, or are they the natural lens?
It's hard to say that we're right when we're running with the wind
I met the devil in my mind, he looked like a saint with love that binds instead of coming in

But somedays when I forget I am me, I feel this greater spirit moving through the streets
and everyone looks just as lost and found, and loved, and known as I'd ever hope to be

Now my brother's upset that I got the ring and robe
but I'd just as soon be a slave than a king running down that road
I'm coming home, and won't do it alone

But somedays when I forget I am me, I feel this greater spirit moving through the streets
and everyone looks just as lost and found, and loved, and known as I'd ever hope to be

Oh, someday I will find myself again
but until that time, I guess I will just pretend
Track Name: Circles and Lines
Today she dropped the glass and shattered many things
and you had not yet thought of where you'd set your ring
do we seem more in love than you used to think?
where is your white dove, your flood, your ship to sink?

We made a bed for one from places made to sit
and I tried to shape my love to stoops and drinks and kicks
my thoughts were wordless, your heart spoke loud enough
and your tears were no match for my dark tattered cuffs

and I felt guilty for the warmth inside my bed
and want was dripping till we'd filled the house with it
I tried to turn my circles into plain straight lines
but we both knew inwardly the depth of saying, "I'm fine."

a stable address will not shred your papers,
or bear all the fruit of your unequal labor
what you thought were roots are just fallen dead branches
that break up beneath the rust machine that passes
and the passing of time is the moon pulling seas
and the meaning of "mine" lost its plurality
you're not hoping for signs, you're not begging for "please"
but don't cut through the knots when they untie easily
and churches, barns, and clocktowers, they all have rafter
where light hangs and swings like ironic laughter
a rope in one hand, a pen in the other
I drop one of them, I think of my mother

I know you feel half, but you look whole to me
I know you feel halved, but you look like a hole to me
Track Name: Cain and Abel
This ol' train can't seem to catch its breath
what town or plain that I've now strayed is only the moons guess
I thought my home was a stone inside my shoe
it leads me like light to see what I can find of you

I found that what I wrestled was not an angel, but still broke my ankle

I tied your dreams to the tracks before I moved
but woke up to find that what's left of me is what's still left of you
and the peace in your eyes when you cry
makes me hope that true joy will come to me when I die

I found that when we wrestle, I fight like Cain, you fall like Abel
so why am I who's left unstable?
Track Name: A Ghost and A Scale
The ever gracious sun wrapped the rays of its light 'round your dancing body
as I sat, quiet as morning, on Crow Creek Hill.
We did not speak of love, no, it built like a static between our folly.
These moments used to hold me like a windowsill

but it feels just like a ghost now
I can see right through this life somehow

The ever gracious blood dripped down like coffee from a cross in the cathedral
people nail their guilt to its arms like a prize
then the choir stood and sang out a collective apology on speed dial
a return to the chorus could open up our eyes

but I sing just like a ghost now
I can see right through this life somehow
and I sleep straight through the waves that crash against our bow

It's amazing that we've made it this far
between the storms and time it takes to see the shore

well, I've been weighing my options, they keep breaking my scales
and you've been letting the dogs in, sheltering them from the hail
and the truth that I found was true in the time that I needed
but that same truth skipped town the second it saw that my wound would not stop bleeding
Track Name: Back and Forth
Watching the heat try and escape your lungs
drink always emptying but never done
I wonder if our love depreciates
with each word I'm sure I mean when its too late

and back and forth, I try to play the chords that show why I afford to leave you by my door
and when we speak, we only say nothing in more words than we need till we feel we can leave

sank into my car and watched your taillights wave
wondering how far our hearts are now away
I chase the notes like they're my currency
watching you go, I see you've paid dearly

and back and forth, I wrestle with the Lord to grab his vocal chords and make the notes move forward
but when I sleep, I dream we're galaxies, we're slowly colliding till we can dance endlessly